Software Engineer, PhD University Grad (Systems and Infrastructure)

As a Software Engineer or Research Scientist at Prosper, you will help build the next generation of systems behind Prosper's products, create web applications that reach thousands of people and build high volume servers. 
The ideal candidate will have a keen interest in relevant engineering fields, such as (but not limited to) distributed software systems, storage systems, data warehousing and analytics, database systems, operating systems, networking systems, programming languages, compilers & runtime systems, security & privacy and mobile systems.

Software Engineer, PhD University Grad (Systems and Infrastructure) Responsibilities

● Build highly-scalable software systems using primarily C++ and Java.● Design flexible APIs for Prosper product teams developing applications for web and mobile.● Build detailed monitoring to track the health of these systems and quickly triage issues.● Analyze the shortcomings of existing systems.● Design and build next-generation systems to constantly be at the cutting edge

Minimum Qualifications

● Currently has or is in the process of obtaining a PhD degree.● Research and/or work experience in Algorithms, Architecture, Programming Languages, Compilers, Database, Data Mining, Distributed Systems, Networking, or Systems
Experience in C++, Java, Perl, PHP or Python
● Knowledge of relational databases and SQL● Experience in Computer Science, with knowledge in systems, data structures and software design● Interpersonal skills, cross-group and cross-culture collaboration

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter to za.repsorp%40rh with the subject line “Software Engineer, PhD University Grad (Systems and Infrastructure)”